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The dinette area, galley and chart table make up the boat main dwelling area, which is defined by short panels. Each panel is roughly one step long, and is reached by blades of light from above, cutting across the partly transparent deckhouse.


Below the ladder going from the cockpit to the dinette is a square flower box with a bamboo plant - a flexible and elastic element, it is also hard, and this somehow reflects and embodies the boat's philosophy, in that its pliable structures, capable of fitting closely to the environment, descend from suppleness rather than weakness. Bamboo's pliable flexibility as opposed to the oak's inflexible rigidness, the former bending under a strong gale, the latter being pulled down.


The dinette tables are hideaway and the sofa seats can change their orientation, thanks to mobile hooking systems, adding to the flexibility of the dinette's internal distribution. 


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