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Designer Arch. Patrizia Sterpone


The boat design stems from a single concept: sailing and feeling at one with the sky and the sea, in tune with one of Krishnamurti's thoughts - " ... in that light the trunks of the great beech and of the elm had taken on the old woods' olive brown drab, and just walking across you could feel the wood. There was no separation between you and the tree and the wondrous colours of the light sparkling on the holly. You, the seer, had ceased, and so had ceased all division between time and space... Meditation is freedom from thought, a movement in the ecstasy of silence".


The boat concept fostered by my project is at the same time old with respect to its physical dimensions and size, and up to date with respect to the building materials and the technologies employed. Living the sea, living the dimension of the sea from a boat means to be free from the conditioning of ordinary life. It means listening to the wind, the waves, the natural elements, until you flow with the sky and the sea itself. The boat becomes a "meditative space-non-space" immersed in a silence stemming from Wholeness. Being borne across the sea by the wind endows one with a wealth of solitude, silence, a space-time dimension in which the present is beyond time itself. It's the absence of time.