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University of Tuscia

With the University of Tuscia, some studies have been carried out - in particular in the gardens of Villa Doria Pamphili in Rome the conservation status of the Garden of Cedrati was assessed, and proposals have been made for its promotion. Also in conjunct effort with the Servizio Ripristino e Valorizzazione Ambientale della Provincia Autonoma di Trento an innovative project has been designed to expand the Arboretum of Tesino. Yet another study was dedicated to Ninfa historical gardens: here is an excerpt of landscape design for the requalification of the south/eastern ancient walls of the complex.


Società T.E.C.N.I.C. Progettazione e Ricerca

Research carried out in the field of Urban and Territorial Planning, with particular reference to landscape studies for Environmental Impact Assessment, as well as for the insertion of noise barriers.


Public and private Green Areas Restoration

Specific training delivered in the field of art history and technical design. Both are essential for the formation of the garden Curator, responsible for all the interventions of renewal, conservation and exploitation that characterize parks and gardens, which should considered as 'open works'.


Landscape design

In constant dialogue with the genius loci of the landscape resource (its environment, history, topography, climate, light and vegetation) all design should balance between artifice and nature. From the detailed analysis of the site to the planimetry technicalities the project stems forth - the data already present at the site almost spontaneously developing into a possible guideline of the whole, into a leading idea or a predominant emotion. The emergent new readings can be viewed as interpretations of the natural space.


Urban design

The design in green urban areas has been explored with particular relevance to individual architectural elements. The landscape restoration of the site within the context of wider urban design has as its objective a deep level assessment and re-evaluation of all existing historical premises, so that all residential, recreational and ecological habitat restoration may foster productive activities.


Land art

I've designed Interventions in natural space, as investigations of expressive methods weaving together the different aspects pertaining to the urban space, the landscape, the ecology and the visual communication systems. Interfering with nature through signs of different types and sizes is in order, to make a fresh impact with the site, through an experiential and interactive approach.


Environmental impact studies

I've been involved with studies of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), assessing the historical, cultural, scientific and ecological aspects. Considering all landscape evolutionary data, comprising the territory, the environmental, archaeological, architectural, artistic and historical constraints and the spontaneous dynamics, the relationship between man and environment, and all assets and infrastructures present.


Restoration of Parks and Gardens

According to the Charter of Historic Gardens drafted in Florence in 1981 the garden, like any other resource, is unique, limited, peribile, it has its own process of development, its own history (birth, growth, mutation, decay ) that reflects the society and culture that have developed, built, and used it, or in any any other way come in connection with it. The interventions that have been proposed are essential in their respect for the historical process of the garden, followed step by step in its evolution, especially through its diligent and timely maintenance.